NCS vision and values

Neurological Commissioning Support is a voluntary sector organisation that aims to improve neurology commissioning and thus secure better care and services for people living with a neuro condition.

Patient involvement

shutterstock_121656955 (woman with son)_optWe were set up by charities MS SocietyMotor Neurone Disease Association and Parkinson’s UKEpilepsy Society has been an affiliate partner since 2011. We also represent people living with other neurological conditions.

Our partner charities are dedicated to securing the care and support that patients and carers need, and give us access to a large network of expert patients. We can manage the patient involvement process from beginning to end in an NCS project.

“One of the exciting opportunities that the current reforms provide is to involve those who know best about care to help commission that care. NCS has demonstrated a deep understanding of patient need, which it has demonstrated through experience and delivery. This knowledge and involvement of patients in the commissioning process has enabled them to increase the value of local services.”

Dr Paul Zollinger-Read, former Director of GP Commissioning, NHS East of England


Our ultimate ambition is to ensure that people affected by MS, MND, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and other neurological conditions have access to the right services, in the right place, at the right time.

People living with a neurological condition can only achieve the best possible quality of life if they can access services that are appropriate for them.


Everything we do is in the name of people living with, and affected by, a neurological condition. They are at the heart of all our projects, involved at every step of the way in focus groups, project groups and surveys. We also strive to be:

  • commissioning experts
  • innovative
  • evidence-focused
  • open and accountable
  • collaborative
  • inclusive

Our mission

Our mission is to bring about high quality, cost effective commissioning for people living with a neurological condition. We do this by working alongside health and social care professionals and our charity partners to:

  • Tracy Hitchens, Lead Telehealth Nurse, Peninsula Community Healthchampion users’ perspectives on pathways and services to show commissioners and service providers what they need
  • become the national experts in neurology commissioning
  • influence and advise on commissioning policy
  • run local projects that review and redesign services, improve local planning and stimulate networks to develop or expand
  • analyse and demystify care and services – through data analysis, case studies and budgeting tools
  • support commissioning education and clinical leadership
  • map and share best practice and innovative solutions – that give quality services but cut out unnecessary spend.

We strive to be change leaders, constantly seeking out and sharing the latest service developments for people living with a neurological condition. We encourage service planners to commission for quality of life and independence, not ill-health, so people can live their life to its fullest potential.

Working with industry

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with all stakeholders with an interest in neurology.

NCS is a not-for-profit organisation that has to continually source funding. We rely on support from our charity partners, trusts and grants (we currently hold a Department of Health grant), some of which are from industry bodies. Our support from pharmaceutical companies often takes the form of sponsorship for particular educational initiatives or projects focusing on one particular neurological condition.

We work in an open and transparent way with industry to protect the impartiality of NCS. Our industry supporters don’t have any input into the content of our publications.

We review our policies regularly and we will continue to work with industry where we believe it is in the interests of people with a neurological condition.

Our current pharmaceutical partners are Biogen, Genus and GenzymeMedtronic are a funding partner.

Interested in joining us as a partner? Read about NCS Pharma Partners benefits.